Google Drive limits WhatsApp data Backup


At this moment, all information exchanged on WhatsApp can be stored on Google Drive for free. Users of the Android operating system do not have to worry about the place to store information in the online storage service. Because, Google allows to use unlimited space in Google Drive to store WhatsApp’s information. However, in the future, a place to store WhatsApp’s data for free in Google Drive may be specified.

Last updated: Feb 12, 2023

Google has not yet officially announced the new plan. However, the online portal ‘WABetaInfo’, which reviews WhatsApp’s code, said a notification has been found in WhatsApp’s code. The notification has been created to give users the message of the end of space on Google Drive.

It is worth noting that iPhone users running on the iOS operating system can store their WhatsApp information in a certain amount of space in iCloud.


Google has already introduced google photos users’ data storage facility in a certain amount of space instead of unlimited space. If there is no space in a certain amount of space, google photos users have to spend money to buy extra space. Similarly, google drive can also introduce the opportunity to store data in a certain amount of space for WhatsApp in the future due to the opportunity to earn money.

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