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Consistent environments ease application development, testing, and deployment

IT environments continue to increase in complexity, with many organizations deploying applications across a combination of on-site, cloud, and edge infrastructures. Compounding this, many organizations also develop and test their applications in a different environment than they use for production deployment to save costs.

However, this can lead to issues in production, and developers may not receive the tools, resources, and support they need to be most productive.

Last updated: Feb 12, 2023

Organizations can overcome these challenges by deploying consistent development and production environments.

To make it easier to build consistent environments, Red Hat now offers a new subscription for development use. Red Hat® Developer Subscription for Teams gives qualifying corporate developers access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux® at no extra cost, allowing your organization to build and test applications on the same innovative and reliable platform used for your production workloads.

What is Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams?

Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams lets qualifying Red Hat customer organizations use Red Hat Enterprise Linux for specific development use cases — at no extra cost.

Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams includes:

  •  Access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for development work.
  • A single organizational subscription for all of your physical and virtual developer nodes.
  •  Self-support resources for developers — including access to the Red Hat Customer Portal and Red Hat Knowledgebase — with paid support add-ons available.
  • Ongoing security updates, patches, and remediation tools for development systems.
  • Compliance with major government, commercial, and security standards.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux management tools including Red Hat Insights.
  • Subscription portability between physical, virtualized, and cloud environments through Red Hat Cloud Access.


When can you use Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams?

You can use Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams for specific development use cases, including:

  • Quality engineering (QE) testing.
  • Performance, functional, and load testing prior to deployment into production.
  • Security and compliance testing and certification.
  • Internal testing and acceptance of applications developed by third-party systems integrators or paid development contractors prior to deployment into production.
  • Internal testing and acceptance of commercially available applications prior to deployment into production.
  • Continuous integration infrastructure.

Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams applies to your internal employees and contractors only. Other partner programs are available for external systems integrators and development contractors that use their own systems for development activities.


Examples of development use cases

  • Team-based development, test, and integration activities. Deploy software components, container images, or products packaged as container images on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for team-based
    software development activities like coding, building, testing, and continuous integration.
  • Demonstration activities. Deploy software in non-production Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments for the purpose of illustrating the capabilities of that software.
  • Internal SAP application development. Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux on development nodes in your organization’s SAP application development lab.
  • Migration of CentOS Linux development environments. Convert your CentOS Linux development systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux to gain the benefits of a reliable, supported operating system and streamline the transition from development to production.

Benefits of using Red Hat Enterprise Linux in your development environment

Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives developers easy access to a more reliable and security-focused operating system, larger ecosystem, and a broader selection of languages and developer tools for rapidly building and deploying applications.

  • Develop on a reliable and security-focused operating system. Focus on coding rather than on maintenance of your development environments. Reliably host applications created with Red Hat Enterprise Linux across datacenter, cloud, and edge infrastructure.
  • Choose from a large certified ecosystem. Use the third-party tools, products, and services that work best for your workflow, knowing they will work reliably with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Access a large selection of development tools, programs, and resources. Gain access to engaging, education content through the Red Hat Developer program.
  • Ease the transition between development and production. Develop your applications in the same environment in which they will be deployed to avoid conversion problems, incompatibilities, and security issues when moving to production and deploying across environments.
  • Use your existing skills. If you use CentOS Linux or another derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can take advantage of a similar user experience with minimal retraining. Gain faster access to security patches and bug fixes while minimizing the risk of incompatibilities between development and production environments.
  • Reduce risk when updating platforms. Take advantage of published application compatibility guides to reduce the risk of application issues associated with operating system updates.


Benefits for IT operations teams

Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux for both development and production environments also has benefits for IT operations teams, saving time and improving consistency across your organization.

  • Reduce IT risk with a reliable, security-focused operating system that offers long-term life-cycle support and flexibility.
  • Streamline IT management operations using one set of processes, tools, and technologies.
  • Decrease IT complexity through standardization across environments.
  • Migrate environments more easily with proven, streamlined processes and tools.


Simplify your move to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Developer

Subscription for Teams is available through your Red Hat account manager. Once your subscription starts, you can migrate your development systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux using the Convert2RHEL tool. This tool automates the conversion of CentOS Linux and Oracle Linux systems into Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems, while preserving your operating system configuration and without requiring multiple restarts.

Learn more about converting your systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Developing and deploying applications on a consistent platform can help you reduce the risk of problems when moving to production. Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you a reliable development and operating environment and access to a large selection of tools and resources for developing high-quality applications faster and more efficiently.

Contact your Red Hat account manager to find out if your organization qualifies for Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams.