6 Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Your Website Performance

cloud Hosting

The development of the times makes technology more advanced to make everything easier and faster. One of the positive impacts of technological developments is the ease of dealing with servers and websites, cloud hosting technology is one of them.

Last updated: Feb 12, 2023

In the past, when you wanted to create a website, you had to use a dedicated server that was only available in one place and this was one of the obstacles to website speed. But, now cloud hosting can handle it.

Simply put, cloud hosting is a hosting service that connects with multiple servers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the problems that usually afflict the server such as instability and limited resources.

The existence of cloud technology gives you unlimited resources because it is connected to many servers so that the addition of new servers does not interfere with other servers that are running.


6 Pros of Cloud Hosting for Websites

There are several advantages that you can get when using cloud hosting. Here are 6 advantages of cloud hosting for your website:

1. Much easier access

If you use cloud hosting, you can more easily access data or applications. When you need to access data while working, you don’t need to access it with the same computer because the data you need is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Servers located in various places make this a reality.

2. Reliable flexibility

By using cloud hosting, you don’t need to use a computer that is specifically used to access data. Usually, a dedicated computer will consume more expenses, time, and energy when used. But thanks to cloud hosting, you can simply do self-provisioning.

Self-provisioning is when users can provide their own resources to organize and use the service without the need for interference from IT people or people from the service provider itself. This feature is indeed provided by the hosting company to facilitate usage and data access.

3. More affordable cost

One of the advantages of cloud hosting is that it costs much less. The reason is, the use of the old version of the server will cost more in the operational part of the computer and the needs related to hardware. But with cloud hosting, you don’t have to spend any more money. In addition, your maintenance costs can also be more efficient, right?

4. Higher stability than shared hosting

High website traffic is usually the main problem why a website is difficult to access. However, if you use cloud hosting, your website won’t go down even if there is a spike in traffic. This will be very useful for websites that in a certain period of time can get a spike in traffic such as ticket providers.

5. Data can be accessed at any time and guaranteed to be safe

The cloud system was indeed formed to ensure the availability of data can be obtained optimally for 24 hours. With a high availability design, the cloud system is in a guaranteed data center, ranging from the availability of electricity, air conditioning, and several other needs that make server performance more optimal. At GCP , the security of your data has been guaranteed thanks to iso 27001 certification.

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6. Easier server management

Server management will certainly be easier to implement because everything can be monitored directly through the website. From the cPanel dashboard, you can already find out many things related to your website, ranging from upgrading, changing, global server status, and even adding new software because there are already tools in it.

How to Get the Best Cloud Hosting?

After reading the explanation above, are you interested in using cloud hosting services to improve website performance?

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The choice of hosting packages provided by GCP varies, ranging from personal use to enterprise purposes, e-commerce, news portals and other high-traffic websites. Starting from Only $20/month, you can get the best cloud hosting services to improve website performance and uptime.

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Those are some of the advantages of cloud hosting that can be an advantage for your website. In order to become your partner to achieve online success, GCP is always ready to help you.

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